In Pursuit of “Best Picture,” Spike Lee’s Next Movie Focuses on Black Car

Spike Lee is in black and white on a black background with the GMC logo, an Oscar, and more. He came up with a movie idea after hearing two people compare the 2019 GMC Terrain vs 2019 Chevy Equinox.

New York, New York – Fresh off another Best Picture loss at the Academy Awards, director Spike Lee has decided to change up his game. After having not won the Best Picture award throughout his illustrious career, the director has decided to shift his focus away from stories about black individuals. Instead, in an attempt to finally land the elusive award, Lee is deciding to create a movie about a black vehicle.

The untitled movie will revolve around a black version of the 2019 GMC Terrain. Lee has reportedly considered “Terrain Fever” or “BlacKKKar” as the title of his upcoming movie. Based in an alternative universe, the movie takes place in a civilization where only white vehicles are accepted. However, one individual (played by Denzel Washington) decides to make the bold decision of purchasing an all-black 2019 GMC Terrain. Predictably, this leads to a significant backlash, and the main character is ultimately forced to make a stand against vehicle segregation.

“After the Green Book found a way to win Best Picture despite mostly taking place in a car, I figured it was my turn to jump into the fray,” Lee explained to The Lemon. “If this movie doesn’t win me that fucking award, then I quit.”

The director also revealed where he came up with the idea. “It was the fourth quarter of a Knicks blowout loss, and the idea just popped in my head,” he said. “I heard two other fans debating the 2019 GMC Terrain vs 2019 Chevy Equinox, but they were only focused on the colors of their SUVs. That’s when I said to myself “why does it need to be about color?”

The movie is also expected to star Samuel L. Jackson, Giancarlo Esposito, and basically every other actor who consistently appears in Lee’s films (this also (randomly) includes John Turturro).

Fans are naturally excited about Lee’s latest film, but they’re not overly confident that it’s going to lead to a win. “I’m not entirely sure if this will be the movie to win it for him,” explained fan Justin Greenglass. “I’m sure there will be a much-more-coherent racial movie that takes it home. I’ll definitely rent this movie on RedBox, though.”

Meanwhile, several Twitter users have already started to lambast the film. “I ain’t seeing no movie starring a black car,” said Gerald McCoy. “Give me a white car or green car, but none of them black cars!”

While Lee has already started on pre-production for the film, GMC is reportedly deciding whether they want to stop the director from making the movie. One insider told The Lemon that the company is conflicted; while they don’t necessarily want their GMC Terrain to be used as an analogy for racism, they’re also wary of coming across racist by pulling the vehicle.

“They’re probably going to try to convince Spike to choose from one of their less popular offerings,” the insider said. “Another boring Spike Lee film could be death to the GMC Terrain.”

The movie is expected to debut at Cannes in 2020.


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