AOC Targets the NYIAS

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has green glowing eyes and is shown in a side by side with the NYIAS logo.

In the weeks leading up to April 19th, a lot of the conversations to be found in live auto news reporting marked the shift in attention from March’s Geneva Motor Show to the New York International Auto Show being held at the Javitz Convention Center. With four floors worth of displays containing nearly 1000 vehicles, showcasing cutting-edge design and forward thinking technology, there is no shortage of excitement to be found among the industry’s domestic fanbase.

An image from the 2018 NYIAS is shown featuring a car showroom. The 2019 show happed in March and is popular in live auto news.
Taken at last year’s NYIAS, it’s easy to imagine how few people are there to see the latest exciting developments from KIA.

And while some might think of the NYIAS as little more than the latest in the annual string of tentpole shows, following on the heels of L.A., the CES show in Vegas, Chicago and Geneva each show, and its respective locale has its own distinct feel and intent. And with the NYIAS celebrating the 119th anniversary of its beginnings as the first North American automobile show, there’s a sense of optimistic homecoming surrounding the buzz. A sense of hope that certain unveilings and automakers in attendance will play their role in reinvigorating stateside headlines, rescuing us from the exhausting barrage of updates related to closures, layoffs, recalls and emissions scandals. So, if you’re one of the million-plus attendees expected during the show’s ten-day run, get ready for a reminder of why you love cars in the first place.

Unless of course, New York Democrats have their way…

In a still image from an interview, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is shown with a wide eyed smile and her hand up.
Actual still-shot of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez emerging from the darkness to steal your fun.

Hot on the heels of the widespread mockery, and critical teardown of her Green New Deal (as well as her acquisition of otherworldly powers after unearthing an Aztec rune, as reported last month) Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York’s 14th District seems to be redirecting her mesmeric stare towards the automotive industry. And where else would she direct her attacks, if not at the NYIAS? After all, what better chance could there be for the young opportunist to capitalize on the recent malignment of automakers, subjecting a captive audience to her unique brand of crazy.

But is she crazy, or are her latest agendas being fueled by the otherworldly influence of 15th-century native Mexican religion? Is it possible that the great and divine god Izque Cuazque Neltoca, granted sight through AOC’s misaligned mortal eyes, is waging war on our tech-centric-21st century world in the hopes of bringing about a reckoning? These are the difficult questions being asked here at The Lemon, while other so-called news sources are busy legitimizing Ocasio-Cortez in the hopes that no-one will question her tendency to break into trancelike states, chanting in Mesoamerican tongues as her eyes glow green.

Ocasio-Cortez is shown with orange glowing eyes and circular glowing light coming from her hands.
Above: Representative Ocasio-Cortez challenges Doctor Strange for spiritual mastery of New York City.

But even if we did turn a blind eye to what is clearly supernatural possession, the divisive popularity and influence of AOC, especially over millennial and Gen-Z leftists prove an interesting challenge for any party she might consider a rival. And in that regard, the automotive industry is no exception.

That said, all New York Dems aren’t all united under AOC’s anti-automotive crusade. Representative Carolyn Maloney of the 12th District has been vocal about her opposition, guided by the fact that the NYIAS (and its perennial home, the Javits Center) fall under her advocacy.

“There is some confusion as to why Representative Ocasio-Cortez would advocate against one of our nation’s most fortified and profitable industries, as opposed to simply being supportive of their thoughtful evolution,” offered an inside source from Representative Maloney’s office. “Then again, this is someone who suggested we get rid of planes.”

The Lemon attempted to contact Representative Ocasio-Cortez’ office, but she was otherwise occupied, engaged in the ritualistic sacrifice of right-wing virgins in a bid for eternal youth.


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