Man kidnapping a woman into a used car in Albany NY

You never know what you’ll come across in a used car. Perhaps you’ll find some change under the front seat, or maybe you’ll find an old pack of cigarettes in the glove box. However, an individual who recently purchased a used car in Albany, New York came across a huge surprise after having purchase a pre-owned vehicle… and he ended up using that surprise to his advantage.

Cree Paguy, a Czechoslovakian immigrant, recently purchased a mid-2000s Ford from a local dealership. The individual rode his vehicle for several days when he noticed a distinct smell coming from the rear of the ride. When the scent proved to be too pungent to ignore, the individual finally checked the trunk… only to find a dead corpse wrapped in a rug.

“When I originally purchased the car, I didn’t take a look at the trunk,” he told The Lemon in an exclusive interview. “The dealership did mention that there might be some random things hanging around out back, but I assumed he was talking about dirt and change. I never thought he would have meant a dead body.”

However, instead of being a logical citizen and reporting the body to the police, Mr. Paguy decided to take advantage of his unique situation. The hour-long commute to work proved to be too much to handle, and the man quickly decided to dress up the dead body and place him in the passenger seat, thus making the car eligible for the carpool lane. When the body was finally found last week, it had makeup on the face, a wig on top of its head, and an air freshener tied around its neck.

“Listen, I received several warnings about being late to work, but there was no way to get through the traffic,” he said. “Dressing up the dead body like a passenger seemed like the only logical option.”

The strategy worked for several weeks, but Mr. Paguy’s plan came crashing down around him thanks to a faulty taillight. The man was pulled over last week while traveling in the carpool lane, and the responding officer was prepared to hand him a warning. However, the office quickly noticed that something wasn’t right about the driver’s co-pilot.

“When I approached the car, everything seemed relatively normal,” Officer Nark told The Lemon. “I actually assumed the body was a normal, perfectly-healthy individual who was sleeping during their commute. Mr. Paguy made the mistake of grabbing their hand, waving to me, and then imitating the body’s voice. That’s when I started getting suspicious.”

Officer Nark took a look at the “front passenger” and quickly realized the individual was dead. Mr. Paguy was promptly arrested, although he was completely straightforward with police. He ended up pointing the finger at the dealership, and the local police are currently investing the business’s connection to the random death.

“It would appear that the dead individual may have refused to accept the dealership’s financing offer, which angered the dealership’s manager,” said Officer Nark. “Somehow, that individual ended up dead and in the trunk of a used vehicle.”

For the time being, Mr. Paguy is still in jail, as police are determining whether to throw any charges at him. He also owes some hefty fines for illegally utilizing the carpool lane. However, despite all of these legal issues, the man claims he’d do the same thing all over again.

“When I get out of here, you can guarantee I’ll be looking for more dead bodies,” he said. “The carpool lane was so quick. I’ll do anything I can to avoid that morning traffic.”


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