Smith & Warren Want to Fix Your Automotive Woes

Billionaire Robert F. Smith & Presidential Hopeful Elizabeth Warren: Should they start a 24/7 Helpline to help YOU in live auto news?
Billionaire Robert F. Smith & Presidential Hopeful Elizabeth Warren: Should they start a 24/7 Helpline to help YOU?

When it comes to reporting on live auto news, we have to admit, some days are diamonds and some days are rocks. But it’s certainly been a lot of the former this week, with all kinds of automotive tales worth telling – many of which are peripheral to even larger news stories. Thus is the case with a couple of stories that have garnered national attention.

But back to the story-at-hand, our news stories begin with Democratic Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren. Having previously graced the pages of The Lemon (with her refusal to accept a transportation sponsorship from Jeep) Warren is back, thanks to an exchange with comedian Ashley Nicole Black out in the Twitterverse this past weekend.

Implying her support of Warren’s presidential aspirations, the exchange went something like this:

Twitter exchange between comedian Ashley Nicole Black and Democratic Presidential Hopeful Elizabeth Warren

Needless to say, this kind of public exchange is dangerous territory for any public figure (let alone a high-level political candidate) to exchange in. While some might see it as light-hearted and relatable, it inevitably opens the flood-gates in terms of public expectation. Whether that expectation surrounds an implied willingness to solve the problems of others, or an implied guarantee of social media interaction, it’s the equivalent of making a promise anyone would unable to sustain.

And the effects were felt immediately, with Warren’s millennial Twitter followers bombarding her with an array of demands, from scheduling their doctors’ appointments to paying off their school and car loans. Needless to say, there were few that merited (let alone received) a response but, with U.S. student debt totaling $1.5 trillion, the topic of student loans will inevitably be a hot-button topic on the campaign trail through 2020.

Which brings us to the story of billionaire investor Robert F. Smith, who recently made a public commitment to pay off the student loan debt for graduates of Morehouse College. Referred to as a ‘Liberation Gift’ the intention of the goal was to free graduates of the predominantly black institution from their fiscal commitment, allowing them the freedom to “follow their dreams, their passions.”

Morehouse College graciously acknowledges Robert F. Smith's generosity with a Tweet

While the extent of Smith’s financial commitment has yet to be calculated, his assistance will inevitably be welcome. But does such immense generosity create a greater sense of community, or increase our collective sense of entitlement and tendency to exhibit enabling behavior? Regardless of which side of the debate you stand, it’s hard not to appreciate the inarguable fact that such precedent creates a slippery slope.

That said, The Lemon has decided to discard its journalistic integrity and has encouraged all employees to get out there, follow their dreams and passions, and finance either (i) their dream vehicles, or (ii) their dream education, and we encourage all of you to do the same. Heck, based on those Warren tweets, you can pretty much DM her with any problem you might have. Struggling to make ends meet? Feeling depressed? Hate the ‘Game of Thrones’ finale? Nervous about that rash? Just DM her. Because if we’ve learned anything from this weekend, it’s that money and powerful people are here to help you – whatever you may need.

And don’t let anyone (including them) tell you any differently.


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