Title: Ford Partnership With The WHO On Vaccine Transportation Leaves Some Americans Dumbfounded

A close up is shown of multiple Covid-19 vaccine vials.

There has been a bit of Twitter drama since the WHO (World Health Organization) announced its partnership with automotive manufacturer Ford in an attempt to widely distribute COVID-19 vaccines across the United States. The new 2021 commercial vehicles in Ford’s lineup will come with refrigerated semi-trailers, which will make it easier to transport these vaccines, as they must be kept at a cool, constant temperature in order to stay effective. However, some Americans are stating that Ford’s “Built for America” brand statement is now false due to this partnership.

“How can you claim your brand supports Americans when you’re using your vehicles to distribute poisonous injections?” said former Kentucky governor, Matt Bevin, in a direct tweet thread to Ford’s CEO, Jim Farley. Fox continues to state that “pox parties” worked just fine for his nine children and that he doesn’t understand why COVID-19 parties aren’t becoming more popular.

Dr. Fauci responded to Bevin’s statement in a single tweet, stating that “mask-free Sunday morning church services are quickly proving that COVID-19 parties will only worsen the situation” and that “the funeral gatherings that follow these cases certainly aren’t helping to maintain the rapid spread.”

Dr. Fauci is shown with a mask on standing on Matt Bevin's shoulder while talking to Donald Trump.

Despite all the deaths and illnesses, Kentucky’s former governor does not seem convinced. Bevin’s main concern lies within the fact that the government is encouraging the American population to not only get the vaccine but that they also require it for those who work with elderly populations.

“It’s unamerican to care about our elderly population, many of which are respectable military veterans, by vaccinating ourselves with man-made substances and then exposing these folks to our contaminated bodies. Rather than getting vaccinated, true Americans should instead just go down to their local retirement home and have a COVID-19 themed praise and worship concert, reading from God’s word and praying away this China virus. Putting our faith in science is a huge mistake,” Bevin tweeted.

His last tweet goes on to further attack Ford’s brand, saying, “God’s going to get us through this, and as a God-fearing Christian, I can no longer support Ford and its liberal agenda.” We approached Bevin for further comments, but he refused to speak to “mask wearers.” He claims that John the Elder warned him about these false prophets in the book of Revelation and refuses to speak any further.

On Twitter, Bevin has since encouraged Kentuckians to stop purchasing Ford vehicles and to follow Donald Trump’s hardcore American values by purchasing from Mercedes-Benz, a Germany-based company.

Kentuckians responded with tweets about how all the teachers Bevin attempted to defund cannot afford to eat at Olive Garden more than once a month, let alone purchase a luxury sports car, but he did not respond.

Despite this rocky conversation, Ford’s Kentucky supply seems safe thanks to Governor Andy Beshear, who believes that vaccines, masks, social distancing, hand sanitizer, and even teachers can help keep us safer than blind faith and ignorance. “I’m not sure why Bevin thinks that purchasing a Mercedes is more American than buying a Ford, given that Mercedes originated in Germany. I will say that Trump does, however, have more in common with Germany than America, given that Nazism’s roots are in Germany,” stated Beshear.

Jim Farley has yet to make a statement on these issues, but the hope is that Bevin’s comments will not affect Ford’s 2021 commercial vehicle sales.

Jesus is shown winking and pointing next to Jim Farley without commenting on 2021 Ford commercial vehicle sales.


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