Vitally Important Recall Information

A row of cars are shown on a paved road with Tom Nook's face peaking up from the bottom.

This is an urgent announcement with vitally important recall information for all vehicles. That’s right – this is not limited to just one manufacturer or model. Every single vehicle built in the last 30 years has a terrifying flaw that can result in catastrophic or fatal injury if not adequately addressed. Fortunately, repairing this issue is remarkably simple, so much so that you can do it in your own garage or even from the comfort of your home. All you have to do to save your life is…

I must interrupt this “urgent” alert about some kind of recall information to make sure you know something even more critical: Animal Crossing: New Horizons is awesome. It’s incredibly fun, low-stress, and rewarding on a daily basis, giving you new things to chase and goals to achieve every time you visit your island. You don’t care about recall information or whatever nonsense the original post here was going to be about. No, I’ve saved you from that dull, pointless read to share with you five tips and tricks about Animal Crossing: New Horizons that you might not know.

Read on, my friend…

#1 – Redd’s Forgeries have Flaws!

If you’ve been visited by the nefarious Jolly Redd, then you no doubt have experienced the joy of visiting his ship of horrors! By which I mean his ship of artwork that you can buy, which may or may not be forgeries, which don’t show up until the next day, at which point you can find out if they’re real or fake. Real pieces get added to your museum (yay!) while forgeries are virtually worthless – you can’t sell them, and the museum doesn’t want them.

Only recently, I learned that you have the option to look closely at the artwork that Redd has on display before making a purchase. When you do so, you can actually notice differences between the forgeries he offers and the real artwork upon which they are based. That’s right – your degree in Art History that everyone told you was useless, which made your parents cry when you told them you had chosen it over Law or Medicine, finally has a point!

Or, you can just look up a guide online to see what the real piece of art should look like. Oh, and some of them don’t have fake versions at all – so if you see them in Redd’s ship, then you know they’re the real thing.

#2 – Turnip Prices Change at Noon

There are a lot of ways to make Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, some of which are more lucrative and efficient than others. For example, the fruit that started on your island (native) sells for just 100 Bells each. Any kind of fruit that your island didn’t start with (non-native), on the other hand, will sell for 500 Bells each. Fantastic!

But, arguably, the most effective way to earn some Bells is by playing the Turnip market. Every Sunday morning, Daisy Mae will show up selling turnips for somewhere between 90 Bells and 110 Bells each; ideally, you want to buy them for just 90 Bells or close to it. The rest of the week, Nook’s Cranny will buy turnips at varying prices set each day. These can be a little more than what you bought them for, or they can offer you hundreds of Bells per turnip, netting you a huge windfall.

What I only recently learned, however, is that there are two turnip prices at Nook’s Cranny each day. In the morning, they’ll offer to buy them for one price, but the price changes at noon and they’ll offer a different amount in the PM. So make sure you’re checking your prices for turnip sales in both the morning and evening – and always remember to sell before Sunday comes around or your turnips will rot (you can use rotten turnips to attract ants and catch them for your museum).

A stressed man is watching the Turnip market while Daisy Mae looks on.

#3 – Some Visitors Show Up Every Week

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is that all sorts of friendly visitors will come to your island with wares to sell or rewards to offer. Although their arrivals might seem random, there are actually some specific ways in which they will appear. Recently, a brave data miner determined that three visitors are guaranteed to arrive each week.

Leif, with his offerings of flowers and shrubbery; Kicks, with his collection of shoes, socks, and packs; and Sahara, the globetrotting lady with remarkable wallpapers, flooring, and rugs are guaranteed to show up one weekday each. While you have to meet certain requirements to have them show up, as long as our island is far enough along, you will see each of them on one of the days from Monday through Friday.

Saturday is exclusively for musical bon vivant K.K. Slider (once you get your island to three stars), and Sunday is for the aforementioned Daisy Mae and her turnips. So, that leaves two weekdays unspoken for…

#4 – Other Visitors are Random

Those two weekdays, the ones that don’t host Kicks, Leif, or Sahara, will instead have one of five random visitors: CJ, Flick, Redd, Label, or Gulliver. Of course, you need to meet specific criteria for some of them too, but as long as you’ve unlocked them, you’ll be visited by one of them on the days not taken by one of the guaranteed visitors. Since there are only two extra days and five folks, you won’t see three of these visitors each week – you have a higher chance to see them the next week, though they’re still not guaranteed.

So if you feel like it’s been weeks since Flick or CJ made an appearance, and your island is getting overrun by aquariums and terrariums filled with high-value critters, you’re not alone. Just be patient, keep an eye out for the three guaranteed visitors, and hope for the best. Oh, and Celeste appears in the evenings based on the weather, while Wisp can show up whenever he wants – rules don’t apply to them!

#5 – Dig Holes before Hitting Stones

If you’ve hit a rock with a shovel or axe, then you’ve noticed that while a piece of stone or clay pops out, it also pushes you back. This pushback slows down your next swing, which causes fewer resources to appear. To avoid this, simply dig three holes in a row behind where you’re going to stand while hitting the rock. You’ll get pushed to the side instead of being pushed back, so you can keep up a steady swinging pace and get eight resources instead of just a few. Have fun out there!

…And as long as you do that, your vehicle won’t explode. Otherwise, however, you’re really toying with fate, and there’s a good chance that you, your loved ones, and perhaps even your family pets will all meet a terrible, fiery fate.

Editor’s Note: We’re not sure what happened to the original, helpful article we had one of our other useful writers prepare for this. It would seem we’ve been hacked. We tried to isolate the node and dump it on the other side of the router, but that didn’t work. So, hopefully, you find this Animal Crossing: New Horizons content helpful. To be honest, we did. Thank you.


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