Local Corvette Dealer Helps Ed Hardy to Liquidate Slow-Moving Inventory

Man wearing baggy jean shorts with Ed Hardy across the rear, yellow 2019 Chevrolet Corvette with Ed Hardy text in back

Culver City, CA – From the Grand Sport to the Z06, and even the chart-topping ZR1, if you’re interested in acquiring a 2019 Chevrolet Corvette one thing is for certain: you’re about to lay down some coin. Buying new, you can plan to spend over $50K for a Corvette and, depending on the model, configuration and features it becomes easy to increase that price tag by (quite literally) three times.

But what if you’re a Corvette enthusiast with a more modest bank account, and less expendable income to dedicate to the acquisition of a vehicle that exists solely to enhance your already impressive level of douche-baginess? Well, a southern California Corvette dealership wants to help you get behind the vehicle of a late model Corvette, while making sure you have a whole new wardrobe to ensure your compatibility with your sweet new wheels.

Meet Chaz Herrdeaux and “Brap” Dickellsford, co-owners of Culver City Chevy GMC and proud shareholders in Ed Hardy Apparel. We met Chaz and “Brap” at a local restaurant and found them staring off in the distance from behind sunglasses which seemed unnecessary considering the dim lighting. Then again, there were periodic flashes of light reflected off of their beaded and gold-lamé lined t-shirts, so we chose to just let it slide.

“You probably wouldn’t understand Vette Culture if you’re not a part of it,” explains Dickellsford. Herrdeaux agrees, explaining, “It’s about self-admiration and mutual respect. I’m looking at my car. You’re looking at my car. You look at me. I look at you. We nod. I try to figure out if that’s your girlfriend, your sister, or just some skank. I look back at my car. It’s fast. Faster than your car. The girl notices. She comes over. I don’t say anything. I can see myself in her sunglasses. I like that. She can stay. Fuck you.”

As the overwhelming scent of water & vinegar fills the air, strong enough to correct any vaginal pH issues, we have to admit, we’re confused. We came here to talk to the dealership owners about their new business partnership with oft-ridiculed fashion icon Ed Hardy. That said, we’re not sure if they did anything to help us understand today’s Corvette owner or if they gave us a perfect understanding. Either way, we take the bait.

We inquire as to the dealership’s new two-way promotion, offered in conjunction with the apparel retailer who, admittedly, has been on their last legs for the better part of a decade. Offering (i) a $5,000 Ed Hardy Shopping Spree with any purchase of a full-price late-model Corvette or (ii) a 10% discount on any Corvette with an Ed Hardy purchase of $2,500 or more, the promotion is mutually beneficial to both companies but implies a strong connection between their respective customer bases.

“Oh, f*ck yeah,” confirms Herrdeaux. “Both Corvettes and Ed Hardy clothing are made with the truly discerning consumer in mind.  We understand that neither might be meant for  ‘everyone’ and that’s perfectly fine with us. We don’t want a bunch of squirrels coming for our nuts. In fact, we want everyone to know those nuts are ours before we even walk in the room. That’s why we bedazzle the f*ck out of them.”

Unfortunately for these young entrepreneurs, both brands have struggled under the weight of their own image. In fact, outside of aging MMA fighters, there doesn’t seem to be a large demographic for either. Time will tell if Herrdeaux and Dickellsford’s strategy of merging the two programs in a symbiotic cross-marketing effort remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure: Corvettes and Ed Hardy shirts are great ways of telling if someone is a douchebag.


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