For anyone researching Used Cars for Sale, you’re like to find out that some dealerships have jokes.

Taking a possible cue from the University of Kentucky Wildcats, an unidentified hacker has taken to the Interwebz to throw shade at a Louisville car dealership. For those unfamiliar with the inspiration, let us explain.

The University of Louisville had recently been named the subject of an FBI investigation into paid-to-play corruption, specifically in recruitment tactics for their basketball program. On Saturday, November 24th the University of Kentucky football team played against Louisville and, during the half-time performance, the UK marching band included a giant dollar bill among their marching formations.

Instantly called out on social media, it was believed that this was a bit of shade being thrown at the accused organization. Immediately refuted by the University of Kentucky, the defense was that the formation was intended to coordinate with the band’s musical selection, namely the music of Bruno Mars.

While this would normally fall among laughable anecdotes within college athletic history, no-one could have expected what was to come.

Ben Levine is the owner of Louisville-based 24-Carat Auto Sales. Described by the community as ‘a dangerous man with some money in his pocket’ Levine is renowned for having somewhat of an odd, symbiotic relationship with the music of Bruno Mars.

A colorful personality, Levine is easy to recognize. Wearing Cuban links, designer minks, and Inglewood’s finest shoes, authorities actually warn locals not too look at him too hard, as they might hurt themselves. They have also issued warning against too many pretty girls gathering around him, as they may ‘wake up (Levine’s) rocket’.

Earlier today, it was reported that Levine’s website had been hacked, resulting in a continuous scrolling of dollar signs, preventing people from using it. Reminiscent of the UK / Louisville debate, local authorities suspect that the hacker is either (i) a rival dealership, or (ii) Bruno Mars, himself.

Levine himself, believes it to be the latter, having attacked the pop music superstar on Twitter by writing, “@BrunoMarsWhy you mad, fix ya face, ain’t my fault Y’all be joking”. To which Bruno Mars replied, “@24Kblevine KEEP UP!”

Most social media onlookers believe that Mars’ reply, was under the assumption that a fan was throwing his own lyrics out at him. Levine disagrees, “Hustlers. Gangstas. Bad bitches, and they ugly ass friends. Can I preach? I gotta show ‘em how a pimp gets it in!”

To be clear, we’re not really sure what he means by any of that. He would then go on to take a sip, do a dip, then spend his money like money ain’t shit. Claiming to be ‘too fresh’, he took to social media to blame it on Jesus stating, “#Blessed”.

Based on the complete absence of facts, and the sheer irrationality of our subject, we have little to offer in the means of explanation. All we can do is put our pinky rings up to the moon.


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