Price Is Right Contestant Wins Chevy Colorado, Doesn’t Want It

Drew Carey is shown smiling on the left, while a women has her hands over her face on the righ because she won a Chevy Colorado instead of one of the used Ford trucks she wanted.

Los Angeles, California – Nancy Girginis, COME ON DOWN… to a dealership that sells used Ford trucks in Indianapolis.

An Indiana woman recently appeared on an episode of The Price is Right that has gone viral among the elderly community. Girginis, a mother of three, won a brand-new Chevy Colorado during the television show’s final showcase. However, upon her assumed celebration, Girginis started to cry, claiming she didn’t want to drive around in a “hunk of junk.”

“I’d rather just use the money and buy a used Ford,” she can be heard saying during the final portion of the episode. “Hell, give me a used Pontiac Aztec, I don’t care.”

Normally, these moments don’t get through the editors, producers, and sensors, but a long list of people apparently neglected their duties for this specific episode. Upon completion of the episode, the 30-second clip quickly went viral on YouTube and video cassettes (for the elderly crowd).

Predictably, this tiny clip has led to plenty of repercussions for both the television show and Chevy. Right after the episode aired on CBS, The Price is Right released a statement.

The Price is Right regrets Ms. Girginis’s comments,” the statement read. “We will continue to tout Chevy’s vehicles, and we look forward to our relationship with the brand over the coming years.”

The car brand also released a statement.

“The Colorado is popular, guys,” Chevy said. “Like, come on… that’s why we were giving away a free one on The Price is Right. Ignore what that dummy lady said. Plenty of contestants have been excited about taking home a truck. Just ask the real people who review our cars.”

Even host Drew Carey also decided to randomly comment via his contract publicist.

“I love Chevy,” Carey said in a statement. “Wait, but I want to say that I also love Ford. Really, I love every car brand (that will willingly hire me for a national commercial).”

Of course, with all fairness, The Lemon wanted to hear the contestant’s take on the entire fiasco.

“I don’t care about all that noise,” Girginis said in an exclusive interview with TheLemon. “I stand by what I said. I refuse to accept that pickup truck.”

While many viewers tend to side with the television show, Chevy, and (to some extent) Drew Carey, there’s also some who support Girginis. In fact, at the EverGreen Nursing Home in Boston, Massachusetts, all of the residents have separated into two gangs: pro-Price-is-Right and pro-Girginis.

“I’m a yellow,” said Nancy Flemings. “That means I support The Price is Right. They’ve never done anything wrong, and I’ll shank any bitch who says otherwise.”

Across the hall, Marcia Hood gave her opinion after making loud gun sound effects with her mouth.

“Shut your mouth, Nancy,” Marcia screamed. “Team Girginis forever!”

Until there’s some kind of resolution (or until the emotions from the episode die down), EverGreen Nursing Home has banned showings of The Price is Right and removed all items that can be used as a knife including spoons. The caregivers found that the elderly could do a lot of damage with a single spoon. This has naturally outraged all of the residents, including the pair of gangs.

“There’s going to be a turf war, I know it,” Marcia said. “And as much as I look forward to putting those yellows in their place, this shouldn’t be what it’s all about.”


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