This Truck Service Is Affordable, Efficient, and Definitely Not a Drug Front

Someone is shown paying a man for Honda truck service.

Taking care of a truck can get expensive. If you’re like me, you probably work your truck hard, and it is consequently in frequent need of a tune-up. I was getting tired of what a money pit my truck had become, so this most recent time I was looking into affordable Honda truck service, I was ready to try something new—so long as it could save me money. That’s when my friend told me about this one service he uses to take care of his pickup.

My friend said this new, unique company offers prices that are way lower than any dealership service department or any auto body shop. There’s just one catch—and he said it’s really not a big deal—but you do need to let the technicians come to your home, work on the truck there, and have access to a private area to run a side business for the day.

So, basically, I could “rent” my backyard to a small business owner for the afternoon, for free, in exchange for affordable truck service. I was in. I really didn’t see the problem. So, I booked my appointment.

The first team members who showed up were nice enough. They had on mechanics’ outfits and all of the tools and equipment you’d expect. They did have teardrop tattoos on their faces—several—but, hey, I’m down to give people second chances, and my friend swore they did a good job on his truck. Sometime later, a second crew showed up. They had a large commercial truck that they backed into my driveway, and I was told I was not allowed in the yard—or near the truck—while they were working. “For my own safety,” I was told.

Throughout the day, men in very nice cars, wearing gold chains and pin-striped suits, would show up with bodyguards and come and go. Sometimes they would bring someone with them, who didn’t dress as nice as them, and who the bodyguards seemed to be, um, escorting, rather forcefully, to the backyard. But look, I don’t know how entrepreneurs handle their clients. Who am I to judge? I did hear someone yell, “Please, man, I have a family,” but maybe they were just begging for good prices on…whatever the business sells? I’m sure that was it.

This whole time, the technicians were hard at work on my truck. They were very professional and brought boxes and boxes of tools. I kind of thought I saw a bunch of firearms in one of the boxes, but I was tired that day. Those were probably just some new drills I didn’t know about. Right? Yeah. They were really on top of the work, too, constantly communicating with someone over a walkie-talkie. I didn’t really understand what they were saying. There was a lot of talk about wrapping up a “hit,” which is probably just some mechanic jargon. Probably an auto collision. I mean, what do I know about car servicing?

In the end, my truck looked flawless. It purred like a dream. They topped off all the fluids, checked the brakes, and handled a rattling under the hood. They did leave a few boxes in my truck bed. I texted them after they left to tell them they forgot something there. I tried picking the boxes up but a bunch of white powder seeped out the seams, so I left it alone—didn’t want to make a further mess of my newly-shined truck. They texted back and said that some guy named Razer would be picking those up later and I could just leave them where they were.

I really respect the hustle in this company. Running two operations at once, all while offering their clients such amazing prices. I’ll definitely be hiring them again. They even left a Gucci bag in my yard as, I’m guessing, a new client gift. So thoughtful.


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